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DB Atlas provides Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (DBA) Expertise and Services using an "On-Demand" service model. You use our time only when you need it. We offer flexible hours and service agreements that allow you to tap into DBA expertise on your schedule and at your pace. We provide a variety of standard services, but customize our work arrangements to fit your environment and the task at hand. If you are interested in hearing more about what we do or have any general questions, we'd love to hear from you.



DB Atlas LLC


Many companies that don't employ a full-time DBA will ask other resources to help fill in the expertise gap.  While this may not often be a problem, it can lead to exposed or unprotected systems which are critical to your business.  DB Atlas can perform individual Server Reviews or a more comprehensive Environment Review which will divulge any exposure that currently exists and provide suggestions to minimize security risks and ensure quick recovery times in the event of a disaster.


As your company grows and your data changes, database behavior and performance often change with it.  A Performance Review provided by DB Atlas will result with a road map including suggestions for query optimizations, data model changes, configuration changes, and whatever else is needed to make your systems perform at an optimal level.


DB Atlas can help with the design and creation of custom Data Models, Stored Procedures, Data Warehousing tasks, Business Intelligence Reports, or any other processes centered around the SQL Server product family.  We are also adept at reviewing existing code and logic to identify current, yet forgotten processes and procedures.  The SQL Server product family is quite large and we can help you fully utilize all the features it offers.

Licensing Reviews

DB Atlas is not a license reseller, but we are quite knowledgeable of the licensing process.  This allows us the ability to provide an unbiased analysis of your environment and provide feedback that may result in significant cost savings at your next annual renewal.  Our License Review will be performed using the same tools Microsoft employs and will arm you with questions and information that you can bring to your existing reseller.  Having the proper information and questions in hand could equate to thousands in annual savings.

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